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I park parallel to the gutter, turn the car off, and sit a moment. The engine ticks slowly cool and I watch a couple of cars pass by me and find spaces further down the street. My car is comfortable and quiet and I have forty-five minutes to kill before I should head to class. I pull the lever on the side of my seat so I can lounge back as though I am in Dad’s armchair at home.

It is overcast and the sun has only been out for maybe two hours. Everything looks greyer.

From my new vantage point, I can see a construction site about thirty metres in front of me. I wonder what they’re building—it looks very square, and as though it will be tall. Maybe a block of flats, but who am I to know? Flats would make sense. It’s uni students living here, mainly. House sharing and renting from folks who make money off the fact that people will pay more to be able to wake up later and get home earlier. Flats will mean more people in the same amount of space, which equals more money. Flats would make sense.

Movement on the second floor catches my eye. A portly man is waving his arms about. He looks like Dad. He pauses, takes off his hardhat and wipes his brow. He looks angry. Scaffolding stretches up past him, blocking the view of whatever is around him. He is framed, as though in a television screen. He is too far away for me to hear anything. The grey light makes me feel as though I am looking at something almost black and white. Mildly bemused, I feel like Dad in his armchair watching one of his old films. All I need is a beer slick with condensation.

The man has replaced his hardhat and is now gesticulating at someone I can’t see. I could probably crane my neck to see around the scaffolding, but I like it like this. More mysterious. The man takes off his hardhat again so he can rub his sleeve against his forehead, but does not replace it. This worries me slightly, but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. He looks like he’s in charge. Maybe he’s going off at one of his workers. Probably an apprentice.

Or a son.

Maybe the other workers are pretending not to notice, hoping the worker can leave with his humility at least partially intact. Though, if it’s the angry man’s son, there’s no chance of that. He can’t escape the man’s disapproval at home if this is how he’s treated at work.

He should go to uni or TAFE, move into a different field of expertise, one his father knows little to nothing about, one he can talk about at family dos without fear of being interrupted by a man who thinks he knows everything, who can’t bear being smaller than anyone else, a man who thinks it’s his God-given right to belittle everyone else, to ignore everyone else, a man who is such an arrogant prick that he thinks his son wants to be like him, when in fact it’s the exact opposite…

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Time to go. Killing time at the coffee shop near my classroom is suddenly much more appealing.
I've been quite absent for a while—apologies! You know how life gets.

Here's a little something from the vault. Please feel free to make any comments or criticisms.

[Also published on LiteraryMeasures.
I want to live in a sprawling house at the top of a mountain, where I can watch the sun sink below and then float to the surface of the sky, the air dusky and hazy but still somehow so clear.

I want to watch storms play with trees like twigs, crack lightning like whips to make the bruised clots of clouds thunder by like scared stallions. I want to hold you closer to me, let the candles be our stars tonight as the rain begins to rush down.

I want to let afternoon meander into evening while I lay with you in the hammock in our backyard, let it swing gently in the breeze, the only sound nature: no cars, no television, just you and me and life. It will be night suddenly, cold and crisp and effervescent, and as you stare at the stars, I will stare at you (because you are my star).

I want to fill our sprawling house with children and grandchildren. I want to create with you, to try to make someone else so I can hope they feel the feelings I feel with you.

I want to go on adventures with you—no, I want you to be the adventure I go on. I want you to be my constant inspiration, my eternally beautiful muse (except you already are). I want to please you, make you happy, make you proud, make you know how I love you, make love.

And in our sprawling house with our tribe of children—and grandchildren—when our lives are too busy to do much more than pass each other in the kitchen or on the stairs or at the front door, when by the time we each can finally climb into bed, we find the other already asleep…when that happens, know that I still love you, know that I will let my fingers trail against your body as we move past each other with too many things on our minds, because I can’t bear to see you and not touch you. We will see each other again, but, until then, let this embrace, let this kiss, speak against the time we have missed.

We will be with each other again. We will grow old together. We will watch sunsets and storms, hear laughter and life: we will know love in all its forms. I love you.

I want to live with you, but only because I could not imagine living without you.


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Blake Curran
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Who. Am. I. That question of identity, of the self’s place in a comparatively narcissistic society – a society which values the essence of being different as desirable, yet which attempts to be different in the same way…ahem. Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.

I’m afraid I don’t really have an answer, except to say that I’m a university student, studying a double degree of Creative Arts (major: Creative Writing) and Arts (major: English Literatures). I love me some learnin'!

And that I’m a nineteen-year-old Christian (feel free to ask me anything, I don't bite!) who is frustrated with the late release dates of most films in Australian cinemas, who also likes to read (but starts many more books than he finishes), and gets irritated when drivers don’t use their indicators. Tut-tut.

And I’m a Grammar Nazi. That is all.

Words are my life. Dreaming is my fuel. Imagination is my sanity. God's love is my motivation.

I'm a special swing admin over at DailyLitRecognition, so please suggest any good literature pieces you see. More information and my guidelines can be found here.

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Six D L D s, two D D s, and still counting (hopefully)!

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Also, the picture way up there? Yeah, that was a gift from my good friend MWBlueWolf. He's seriously awesome, and you should take a look at his page!

What are you reading at the moment? (I'd love to hear what you're reading!) 

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DLD is now DLR

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 12:01 AM
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to put up a journal saying that DailyLitDeviations is no more. It's now been replaced by Daily Lit Recognition: :iconlitrecognition:. (I'd like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to SilverInkblot, who's doing a fantastic job of sorting through the rubble and building a civilisation, phoenix-like from the ashes.) I've volunteered to be a special swing-admin, which means I will fill in for any of the other admins who are absent for whatever reason. However, I can put forward suggested pieces at any time, so feel free to suggest away!

To suggest a piece, simply note me with 'DLR suggestion' in the subject line, and include a link to the deviation, plus a statement detailing why you think the piece is worthy of recognition! (Even one sentence is fine!) Easy as that!

You can suggest poetry or prose, but DLR does not accept fanfiction (sorry!), and I don't accept deviations that form parts of a series (though you should check out VertigoArt and/or callerofcrows because they'll be involved with a bi-monthly article dedicated to chaptered works :w00t:). I tend to go for pieces that say a lot in as few words as possible. I also prefer subtlety over being explicit, though if there's a piece you love, send it my way and I'm sure I'll feel the same way!

Thanks to my watchers, you lovely people! :hug:
I feel like I should do something for you guys, so, if you've read this far, note me a DLR suggestion and say that you watch me somewhere in the message. The first fifteen will get a journal feature! (three journals with five deviants each, or five with three each? Let me know in the comments below!)

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